Why Buy Gold?

For many people, the decision in whether to invest in gold or invest in stocks and bonds can be a confusing task. At Milestone Gold & Silver, we understand that investing in precious metals, almost timeless in nature, is one of the best ways to safeguard prolonged wealth and financial security.

The preservation of wealth and opportunities for financial gain provided by a precious metal like gold is unparalled, and in an ever-shifting economic climate, can be a surefire way to insure your assets.

Timeless in Nature

Throughout most of mankind's tellable history- gold has been there. Through the rise and fall of ancient empires, through innumerous wars and peacetimes, gold and other precious metals, like silver, has consistently been a financial staple through time. It is the original currency- and, despite economic crises and recessions, currency changes and declinations, has remained so. The timeless nature of gold offers an unparralled security- as even in the most significant money crisis, gold holds its value.

Preserve Your Assets

Let's be realistic- investing in intangible assets in today's economic climate can be a high risk endeavor. In 2008, we learned the true liquidity and insolvency risks attached to investing in financial institutions, and with the hastening growth of technology, the electronic storage of our accounts carries a risk factor as well. Investing in a tangible asset like gold allows for you to preserve monetary insurance against this kind of incident. Despite inflation and weaking currencies, gold holds it's value- and as it becomes a more and more scarce financial resource- it's value is only going to grow with demand.

Control Your Own Wealth

Think about the trust you place in a bank, and what a bank really is- a borrower of your dollar. There is a confusion surrounding the exact nature of a bank, and they are often misthought of as large deposit boxes. In reality, when a bank is holding your funds, you are loaning the bank your money, which, while still depositable, is what is used and generated for loans other consumers which to borrow from. When there is a run on a bank, you have a risk of losing any assets beyond what insured by the FDIC. Investing your wealth or assets in these institutions, of which, all have a risk of insolvency and liquidity, certainly carries it's risk. Investing in gold, however, permits an actual ownership of one's wealth- always at hand to give, to barter, or to hide away. Once invested in, gold offers a privacy beyond normal financial measures, and as such, can be a lucrative and insured way to maintain longterm wealth for generations to come.

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